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Student or ResidentFaculty PITitleDescription / Status
Becca MoreiraJoseph MargolickAre patients who had splenic embolization after a trauma truly "asplenic"?In planning stages
Richard Spencer-ColeEmmanouil Giorgakis"Leveling" (time to when a kidney transplant case should be started) compliance at UAMS. Are guidelines followed, and does levelling impact LOS, post-transplant line placement, post-transplant HD, patient satisfaction, or cost?In planning stages.
Joseph NighEmmanouil GiorgakisWound-related complications in transplant patients.In planning stages.
Chad Willis
Simon MearsPain medicine prescription practices between General Surgery, Trauma, and Ortho in patients admitted for a pelvis / femur / tibia fractureIn planning stages
Kacee DanielsKyle Kalkwarf and Kevin SextonUnplanned ICU readmissions in trauma. Data from NTDB / TQIP / UAMS.In planning stages.
Reed Gardner
& Mallory Tabler
Deanne KingFacial trauma at UAMS (ENT)Data received, analysis pending
Joseph NighWilliam MustainImplementation of a Robotic Surgery Training CurriculumSurvey data gathered, analysis pending.
Ping WangAvi Bhavaraju, Kyle KalkwarfPneumocephalusIn planning stages.
Moriah Hollaway
& Patricia Ramos
Sacha McBainSocial work consults and CAGE-screening in traumaChart review in progress
Nadia Okoree-SiawKyle KalkwarfCompliance for VTE prophylaxis, antibiotic and nutrition guidelines in patients admitted to trauma vs ortho vs NSGY.In planning stages.
Austin MorganSacha McBainViolence and assault in quarantine; admissions pre and during COVID.In planning stages.
Ashley AlstonHoward CorwinC-Diff trends in surgery and trauma.In planning stages.
Ellen MartinKevin SextonDoes the organizational structure of a hospital influence clinical outcomes? National dataset study for patients with pneumonia and prologued mechanical ventilation.In planning stages.
Alanna DavisHoward CorwinBlood transfusion trends in surgery, and relationship to specific complications and readmission in a national dataset.In planning stages.
Mason BelueKevin SextonDoes chart-viewing activity predict unexpected respiratory ICU readmissions in trauma patients?In planning stages.
Zeel ModiHoward CorwinChronic anticoagulation in bleeding trauma patients - do outcomes differ? What are prescribing practices in our area?In planning stages.
Adam BerryKyle KalkwarfArtificial Intelligence in analyzing chest X-rays in hemothorax patients.In planning stages.
Ryan HuiHoward CorwinSurgical consults on medical intensive care unit - what percentage ends up in the operating room, what are the timeline and the clinical outcomes?In planning stages.
Sarah Martin
& Jeff Anderson
Kyle KalkwarfAn updated protocol for electrolyte replacementIn planning stages
Dillon WadeJoe MargolickCalcium in Massive Transfusion ProtocolIn planning stages.
Ricky GableKyle KalkwarfAre unfractionated heparin boluses helpful before UFH drips?In planning stages.
Helena DrolshagenKyle KalkwarfProtocols vs resident orders for unfractionated heparin dripsIn planning stages.
Jared Gowen
& Thomas Harkey
Avi BhavarajuReadmissions after Traumatic Brain InjuryPresented at ASC 2020, manuscript in progress
Helena DrolshagenKevin SextonReadmissions after Inguinal HerniaAbstract accepted to Annual Americas Hernia Society meeting 2020, manuscript  in progress
JD YoungKevin SextonRate of Tracheostomy in an Open vs Closed ICUPresented at ASC 2019, manuscript in progress
Brandi MizeSimon MearsROTEM in Orthopedic PatientsPresented at ASC 2020, manuscript in progress
Blake RichardsonKevin SextonSmall Bowel Obstruction in the National Readmissions DatabasePresented at ASC 2019, data reanalyzed, manuscript in progress
Dillon WadeKevin SextonIncisional Hernia in the National Readmissions DatabaseAbstract accepted to Annual Americas Hernia Society meeting, manuscript  in progress
Jackson MassanelliAvi BhavarajuIntegration of Web Analytics into Graduate Medical EducationManuscript ready, looking for journal target
Mason SiffordKevin SextonMEMS Triage vs ISS scoresPresented at ASC 2019, manuscript under review in TSACO
Teresa FletchingerLyle BurdineCold Ischemia Times in Liver TransplantsIRB approved, awaiting data from AR-CDR
Hayden HairstonLyle BurdineAntibody Formation after Massive TransfusionMore data requested from AR-CDR
John HouseKevin SextonPalliative Care in National Readmissions DatabaseAbstract being drafted for ASC 2021, manuscript in progress
Jackson Massanelli
& Jared Gowen
Avi BhavarajuStop the Bleed for Medical StudentsPresented at ASC 2019, manuscript submitted to Journal of Medical Education and Curricular Development
Madeline CookKevin SextonResident EvaluationIRB approved, collecting data
Nicole MercierMollie MeekTrauma CVA reviewPresented at Trauma Nursing Conference 2019, manuscript under review at AJNR
Joseph Van ScoyKevin SextonHealthcare Utilization after Traumatic Brain InjuryData under analysis
Joel McGowanKevin SextonFunctional Independence Measure in Rehabilitation after Long Bone FracturesData under analysis
Madeline CookKevin SextonReadmissions after Cholecystitis; Antibiotics vs Cholecystostomy TubesData under analysis
AlleaBelle GongolaKevin SextonMeasles Immunity in EMTsUnder review in Vaccine
Zain Alfanek, Abbie Hertzog, Nathan TaylorAvi BhavarajuHead-CTAs - futile or helpful?Abstract submitted to EAST
Danica OrdonezStephanie RohrerWound Care Patient Education VideoData collection started Sept 2019
Greg CorwinKevin SextonFailure to RescueIRB approved, awaiting data from National Trauma Databank
Liza HillLyle BurdineBile Duct InjuryManuscript in progress
Tommy ChristensenLyle BurdineERCP / PTC / Open exploration in bile duct obstructionManuscript ready, looking for journal target
Osvaldo MenendezKevin SextonDisparities in TQIPPreliminary analysis done
Olivia SpeedAvi BhavarajuFundamentals of Suturing surveyAnnual data collection ongoing
Ali MaitlandBen DavisTemporary abdominal closureData under analysis
Alleabelle GongolaKyle KalkwarfMultiple Rib FracturesAwaiting stats from TRI
Mason SiffordLyle BurdineInduction Therapy for liver transplantsData under analysis
AlleaBelle GongolaKatie KimbroughAnatomy ScholarsAccepted to ASC 2020, manuscript in progress
Curran HensonAllison OswaltLovenox DVT prophylaxis in trauma patientsData under analysis
Katie ZehrAvi BhavarajuGCS 7-9 in Head traumaIRB in progress
Hunter RoseSimon MearsMedicare bundle for hip/femur fracturesData under analysis
Jason EckelsSimon MearsOpen fractures in the NRDIRB in progress
Kiley SchlorttKatie KimbroughOpen vs Closed ICU in vascular surgeryAwaiting data from AR-CDR
Joshua BennettAvi BhavarajuOpen vs Closed ICU in EGSAwaiting data from AR-CDR
Ben YaoAvi BhavarajuOpen vs Closed ICU in TraumaAwaiting data from AR-CDR
John HuntonLyle BurdineImmunosupression in geriatric patientsIRB in progress
Derek KrinockAvi Bhavaraju
Kyle Kalkwarf
ROTEM in Trauma patients on anticoagulantsIRB in progress
Anapaula RojasAvi BhavarajuCost of Care in hip fractures admitted to ortho vs medicineIRB in progress
Alec StoverKyle KalkwarfAchieving anticoagulation Lovenox vs HeparinIRB in progress
Tommy ChristensenKyle KalkwarfAre PCAs dangerous?IRB in progress
Craig SmardoKevin SextonDoes increased opioid use predict postop complications?IRB in progress
Olivia SpeedRachel SlotcavageM4 specialty choice surveyManuscript in progress
Rebecca MoreiraCarol ThrushUAMS LULAC Medical Spanish courseData collection ongoing for 2020
Tessa HenryKatie KimbroughSummer in SurgeryManuscript in progress
Liza HillKevin SextonDoes a Level I trauma center contribute to med student residency choice?In planning stages with Texas Tech
Muhammad Abu-RmailehKyle Kalkwarf18-wheeler accidentsAwaiting data from AR-CDR
Garrett KluttsEmmanouil GiorgakisEnhanced Recovery Pathway on Kidney Transplant Patients.In planning stages.
Garrett KluttsAvi BhavarajuTrauma volume pre vs during COVIDAbstract to be submitted to ASC, manuscript in progress.
N/ASacha McBainDigital PTSD Screening and Intervention to Meet Rural NeedsUnder Legal Review, Awaiting Funding Allocation
N/AEmmanouil GiorgakisOutcomes of surgery in COVID-19 infection: International Cohort Study (GlobalSurg/CovidSurg). Manuscript in progress.
N/AEmmanouil GiorgakisCaring for COVID-19 Transplant Patients: International Registry Step 12nd manuscript in progress.
N/AEmmanouil GiorgakisLiver Cancer Outcome in the COVID19-pandemic. International Cohort Study (CERO-19).Manuscript in progress.
N/AEmmanouil GiorgakisInternational Liver Surgery Outcomes Study.Manuscript in progress.
N/AEmmanouil GiorgakisHOPE in Action Prospective Multicenter, Clinical Trial of HIV+ Deceased Donor Liver Transplants for HIV+ Recipients.Recruiting patients.
N/AEmmanouil GiorgakisHOPE in Action Trial of HIV+ Deceased Donor Kidney Transplants for HIV+ Recipients. Recruiting patients.
N/AEmmanouil GiorgakisFunctional Assessment in Liver Transplantation (FrAILT) Study.Data analysis pending.
N/AEmmanouil GiorgakisCenter Volume Effect on Donation after Cardiac Death Liver Transplant Outcomes: A Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients Analysis. Manuscript in progress.
N/AEmmanouil Giorgakis Disparities in the Use of DCD Liver Allografts from Donors 60 years or Older in the US vs the UK. A Joined NHSBT/SRTR Analysis. Manuscript in progress.
N/AEmmanouil Giorgakis Comparable Graft Survival is Achievable with the Usage of Donation after Circulatory Death Liver Grafts from Donors at or above 70 Years of Age: A long-term UK National Analysis. Manuscript in progress.
N/AEmmanouil GiorgakisLiver Transplantation for the treatment of early stages of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma in cirrhotics. A multicenter, phase II, open-label study of adults with end-stage liver disease and ‘very early’ iCCA.IRB pending.
Joseph NighEmmanouil GiorgakisInternational Pancreatic Surgery Outcomes StudyIRB in progress
Garrett Klutts
Tamara Osborn
Emmanouil GiorgakisGlobalSurg/ CovidSurg Week International Prospective Multi-Center Cohort Study.Recruitment started