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Research Spotlight:

Dr. Krista Stephenson, a surgery resident at UAMS, recently began the 1styear of her pediatric surgery research fellowship working under the guidance of Dr. Sam Smith at ACH. Dr. Stephenson, a graduate from the University of South Alabama Medical School, became interested in research early on in her career when in medical school several of her mentors provided her with opportunities to engage in meaningful clinical research projects. She quickly realized the value of surgical research and its direct impact on patient care and outcomes.

Research Interests: The evaluation and application of Viscoelastic Hemostatic Assays (VHA) within pediatric and adult trauma, as well as the expansion of resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion (REBOA) in hemorrhagic shock, and pediatric trauma outcomes. In addition, Krista holds particular interest in further advancements regarding the diagnosis and treatment of intestinal ischemia its resultant septic shock in children.

Current Projects: – Evaluation of rotational thromboelastometry (ROTEM) profiles with regard to death diamond phenotype survival as well as the effect of blood-thinning medications and subsequent outcomes in adult trauma with Dr. Avi Bhavaraju, Dr. Kyle Kalkwarf, and Dr. Hanna Jensen.

– Evaluation of thromboelastography (TEG) profiles in healthy children and pediatric trauma, further evaluating previously established variability within normative ranges, reflecting likely underappreciated hypercoagulable and hypercoagulable phenotypes within the population with Dr. Robert Maxson and Dr. Sid Dassinger.

– Evaluation of an intestinal ischemia swine model with hopes of advancing earlier detection of intestinal ischemia and sepsis through various serum markers and venous waveforms with Dr. Kevin Sexton, Dr. Marie Schluterman Burdine, and Dr. Lyle Burdine

Future Career Plans: She is grateful for the opportunity to work with the great mentors and friends she has come to know at UAMS and ACH, and plans to pursue fellowship training in pediatric surgery after completion of her general surgery residency.

Fun Facts: Krista is an accomplished oboist and English hornist, and continues to perform professionally as well as teach aspiring musicians. She lives in Little Rock, and enjoys going on runs and relaxing while listening to new music with her two dogs, Sherlock and Lisbeth.


Recent Grants:

Dr. Lauren Appell (pediatric heme/onc fellow in Dr. Burdine’s lab) – ACRI Postdoctoral Fellowship – $15,000.

Dr. Marie Burdine awarded NIH COBRE Center for Translational Pediatric Research Project Leader Grant, $525,000.

Dr. Zachary Waldrip (post-doc in the Burdine Laboratory) received the TRI TL1 Health Sciences Innovation and Entrepreneurship Postdoctoral Fellowship. This award includes $55,000/year stipend.