1. The Vascular Surgery Residency Program supports all UAMS institutional guidelines regarding evaluation and promotion of residents.
  2. The vascular resident is evaluated by the vascular surgery faculty semi-annually.
  3. The evaluation will consider:
    1. cognitive performance
    2. technical skills and verbal and written communication skills with regard to ward rounds and presentations
    3. professional development
  4. The evaluations are reviewed by the program director. It is the responsibility of the program director to communicate personally and in writing the results of the valuations. Areas of performance needing attention should be discussed. At the discretion of the program director, the resident may be placed on academic probation for significant deficiencies.  In cases of severe deficiencies of skills, cognition, or professional development (felt by the vascular surgery faculty to be incompatible with safe, effective, compassionate care), the vascular resident will be notified in writing by the program director. In addition, the program director will meet with the vascular resident to discuss the deficiencies and develop with the resident a strategy for improvement. A specific date for re-evaluation will be set by the program director according to his best judgment and in proportion to the degree of severity of the deficiency. In addition, if in the judgment of the program director the vascular resident poses a threat to the health and safety of patients, he/she maybe suspended from all clinical duties without prior warning.
  5. The vascular resident is encouraged to examine the individual evaluations if he/she so chooses.
  6. Promotion is dependent upon successful attainment of the competency-based educational objectives listed in the resident manual.