Third-year students in a suturing labThe goals of the medical student program in surgery are to:

  1. Provide all of our students the knowledge and experience required to recognize common surgical diseases.
  2. Facilitate the careers of students interested in surgery by providing clinical and research opportunities and expert mentoring.

We accomplish our goals through the Junior clerkship in surgery, the Senior surgery honors course, and various Senior electives. In addition, our department sponsors the surgery interest group, the surgery intern boot camp, as well as a myriad of research opportunities in surgery.

The Clerkship Director is  Anna Privratsky, D.O. Her phone number is 501-526-6262 and her email address is

The Associate Director of the Surgical Clerkship is Rachel Slotcavage, M.D.  Her phone number is 501-686-6648 and her email is

The Medical Student program coordinator is Rebecca Bryant. Her phone number is 501-686-6647 and her email address is