Breast TEAM™ at UAMS – Helping Pioneers Make Breast Cancer History

One of the biggest problems with breast cancer is the woman’s feeling that she has no choice in how she is treated. At UAMS, the Breast TEAM™ (Together Empowering Advances in Medicine) is creating new and better choices for women that empower them to help design personalized choices and care that include cutting edge techniques and research opportunities. Together, women and physician “pioneers” blaze the trail for breast cancer treatment through innovative research and treatments.

The Breast TEAM™ at UAMS

If you had breast cancer wouldn’t you want a TEAM of surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, medical and radiation oncologists, researchers, scientists and engineers designing your treatment options for the best possible outcome Such a collaborative approach allows for personalized care by utilizing the best ideas from every discipline.

Changing the Face of Breast Cancer One Woman at a Time

The UAMS High Risk Clinic took the lead to bring the Tamoxifen Prevention Trial and the STAR prevention trial to the state of Arkansas, collaborating with multiple sites across the state for breast cancer. A third prevention trial will be starting soon. The Breast TEAM™ at UAMS is also testing MRI as a screening tool for early detection of breast cancer, and using PET-CT and MRI to detect other cancers. The Breast Center at UAMS has the only state of the art digital mammography unit and open bilateral MRI in Central Arkansas.

The Latest Diagnostic Technology

Our state-of-the-art digital mammography system allows radiologists to detect early stages of breast cancer by providing a higher resolution results. This system also eliminates the need for multiple X-rays because the technologist can adjust and zoom on the original image, which reduces the amount of time a patient is in the exam room. This new system is also more comfortable than traditional mammography systems… proving again, that we are committed to providing the best care possible.

It’s your Future – Be a Pioneer!

Get the best care by being a pioneer and seeking out the latest cutting edge research to treat your problem. When faced with an abnormal mammogram or a suspicious mass, the Breast TEAM provides same day diagnosis with minimally invasive percutaneous (nick in the skin) biopsies. We believe open biopsies for diagnosis are for the most part unnecessary and limit options if breast cancer is detected. Minimally invasive techniques developed here at UAMS maximize the ultimate cosmetic result. Many times whole masses can be removed through the skin.

Across the country when performing lumpectomies for cancer, nearly 40% of patients have to go back to the operating room to remove more tissue to clear the cancer. The Breast TEAM at UAMS has developed a technique called eRFA to minimize repeat surgeries. eRFA, as well as Mammosite (five days instead of six weeks of radiation therapy), are also techniques used to shorten the length of treatment time and minimize the complications of radiation, and in some cases avoid radiation altogether. Innovative techniques developed at UAMS, using botox and total skin sparing, have vastly improved the results for women who want or cannot avoid removing the entire breast.

Today chemotherapy isn’t the only option. New and improved hormonal treatments, immuno-therapies, as well as drugs limiting side-effects (including hot flashes) have vastly improved the lives of women after a breast cancer diagnosis.

Through the pioneering efforts of all our patients, better treatments and cures have been made a reality. The future looks very bright for early diagnosis, with less invasive and more effective treatments culminating in prolonged survival and more cures.

….. Come Pioneer with US