Our Mission

The Breast Cancer Center of the Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute is dedicated to improving and sustaining access to high quality breast care through an integrated program of direct clinical care and research. The Center prides itself in being a leader of innovative approaches to breast cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment, as well as specific initiatives to develop new treatments for breast cancer based on immune responses. The Center is a focal point in conducting clinical, translational and basic breast cancer research which encourages collaboration amongst all breast care specialists as we develop and provide improved detection strategies and therapies to women suffering from all stages of breast cancer.

What This Means To You

This means that you will be offered superior care because you are what matters. We believe in cancer management, not just treatment. We care for you as a whole, taking into account your diagnostic, medical, surgical and emotional needs. The Center offers a multi-disciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

Our multi-disciplinary team evaluates each case of breast cancer efficiently and rapidly, by quickly developing an action plan that reduces patient anxiety. Our multi-disciplinary breast cancer specialist team includes surgeons, oncologists, and radiologists that develop an integrated patient management plan to best meet your individual needs. This integrative and collaborative approach offers reassurance and support on planning the next steps that translate into a better quality of patient care.

By having everything coordinated, you will receive a responsive, effective treatment and a more personal level of care from professionals who know you. Your care is further enhanced by a combination of support services that include consulting specialists in risk assessment and cancer prevention. We also offer life style advocates that help you understand what is ahead of you and help you navigate other breast cancer resources as needed.