Dr. Kieber-EmmonsThank you for visiting our website. Many people come here each month for information on preventing, diagnosing, treating and living with breast cancer. The benefit of on-line communications is the ability to have immense amounts of information at your finger tips that is easily accessible. The information provided on the Breast Cancer Research site and the Breast Team site is one of the best ways to see everything that happens in the process at the UAMS Arkansas Cancer Center for breast cancer patients.

I joined UAMS in July of 2002, and I am proud to say that my years here have been among the most rewarding of my career. Every job here in Breast Cancer Research is a responsible one. Our dedicated research team fights breast cancer each day within our labs by continuously searching for a cure.

The gift of giving donations to research is a vital part of our existence as a research facility. If you have supported us in the past, we thank you. If you are considering a continuing gift or if you are a first-time contributor, I hope our web site will confirm that your gift to the UAMS Arkansas Cancer Center will make a difference in our fight against breast cancer.

Thank you for your support.

Thomas Kieber-Emmons, Ph.D.
Wilkins Chair for Breast Cancer Research
Director of Breast Cancer Research Development
Professor of Pathology