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Josetta Wilkins AwardsMore than a decade ago, former state representative Dr. Josetta Wilkins led the fight against breast cancer in the Arkansas Legislature.  Her tireless efforts as an advocate for this cause led to the Legislature passing the Breast Cancer Act of 1997.  Dr. Wilkins helped create the BreastCare program, a division of the Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services, which provides women without health insurance free breast screening and treatment.

Although she retired from the Arkansas Legislature, Dr. Wilkins still challenges others to continue advocating for breast cancer by honoring individuals and organizations that have made a difference in the efforts to treat and prevent breast cancer with a Josetta Wilkins Award.  Individuals and organizations may be nominated for their efforts in breast cancer education, research, advocacy, treatment, support or services for those in need.

For more information about the Josetta Wilkins Awards, please contact Becky Kossover at 501-280-4097.