Surgery Morbidity and Mortality Conference (every Tuesday, 7 – 8 AM). This is a 55-minute discussion of the management of four patients who underwent treatment on one of our surgical services.  This conference provides an opportunity to discuss common (and uncommon) complications of a patient’s therapy as well as the clinical presentation, differential diagnosis, diagnostic algorithm and therapeutic strategies important in the identification and management of surgical diseases.  The cases are selected by the senior residents and the chairman based upon their educational value and are presented by the resident involved in the care of the patient.

Surgical Grand Rounds (every Tuesday, 8 – 9 AM). This is a formal 45-minute presentation of the state-of-the-art management of a surgical disease.  this presentation is delivered by a faculty member or a visiting professor and correlates with the residents monthly reading assignments.

Clinical and Basic Sciences Conference (every other Tuesday, 9 – 10 AM, alternating with Clinical Skill Laboratory). This is a 60-minute Socratic discussion of the pathophysiology, clinical presentation, differential diagnosis, diagnostic algorithm and therapeutic strategies important in the management of a basic surgical disease.  The topics for discussion correlate with the residents reading assignments.

Clinical Skills Laboratory (every other Tuesday, 8 – 9 AM, alternating with Case-based Learning Modules). This is a 60 minute session that focuses on the acquisition and testing of technical skills using inanimate and cadaveric models. These sessions include the practicing and testing of open surgical, laparoscopic, and imaging techniques. Experiences with standardized patients and robotics teach and assess the resident’s ability to evaluate and manage basic physiologic abnormalities associated with critical illness, as well as teamwork and communication skills that prevent medical errors and adverse events.

Board Review Course (every Tuesday, 5 – 6 PM). This is a resident-driven, faculty-proctored 45-minute discussion of a topic in general surgery. These discussions are based upon a reading program from the surgical text, Current Surgical Therapy and utilize a post-test assembled by the residents to assess learning.

Journal Club (Tuesday, 6 – 8 PM, once per month). This is a resident-driven, faculty-proctored 2-hour informal discussion of three to four articles from the recent surgical literature. The articles are picked by the administrative chief resident and presented by both junior and senior residents. Journal club is held monthly at an area restaurant.

Chiefs Conference (every Wednesday, 5 – 6 PM). This weekly meeting between the Chairman and the senior residents facilitates communication between the house staff and the chairman on a wide range of topics ranging from resident work hours to upcoming faculty recruitments. It is at this conference that the residents and chairman pick the cases to be presented at the following week’s conferences.