The Department of Surgery has several surgeons who specialize in the treatment of patients with complex diseases of the liver and biliary tract.  This division is managed by Drs. Rick Bentley, Ralph Broadwater and Daniel Borja. Dr. Bentley is the Chief of Surgical services and General Surgery Program director, and also a liver transplant surgeon. Doctor Broadwater is a surgical oncologist, who did his fellowship in MD Anderson. Dr. Borja has completed fellowships in both Pancreatic-hepatobiliary surgery, as well as a liver, pancreas and kidney transplantation at the University of Minnesota and performs both reconstructions of the liver, as well as surgery for tumors involving the liver, bile ducts and pancreas.

Our hepatobiliary surgical team provide expert, multidisciplinary surgical care to patients with tumors in the liver, liver cysts, and benign and malignant strictures of the bile ducts by approaching them not only surgically, but also with close alliance with Gastroenterologists subspecialized in liver diseases, as well as Medical Oncologists that review the cases to tailor the approach one patient at a time.

Through our collaborations with our colleagues in internal medicine, as well as interventional radiology, we provide multidisciplinary, state-of-the-art care tailored to the individual needs of our patients with the cumulative experience that is unparallelled in the State.  We provide both inpatient and outpatient surgical care at the UAMS Medical Center and the McClellan Memorial Veterans Hospital in Little Rock.